Online Access Free 2V0-21.20PSE Practice Test

Exam Code:2V0-21.20PSE
Exam Name:Professional VMware vSphere 7.x
Certification Provider:VMware
Free Question Number:110
Posted:Jul 03, 2022

Question 1

A single host is manually configured to company standards.
Which option would an administrator select to capture this configuration for future use? (Choose the best answer.)

Question 2

An administrator is asked to take a snapshot of a virtual machine prior to an application upgrade. The virtual machine has one standard virtual machine disk (VMDK) and one physical mode raw device mapping (RDM) attached.
Which statement is true with regard to taking this snapshot? (Choose the best answer.)

Question 3

An administrator runs a two-node vSphere cluster, which contains two domain controller virtual machines (VMs). The administrator wants to ensure that VMs run on separate hosts without interfering with normal maintenance operations.
How should the administrator configure Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS)? (Choose the best answer.)

Question 4

An administrator runs third-party software in a virtual machine (VM). The third-party licensing agreement requires payment of a license fee for each host to which the VM migrates.
How can the administrator configure Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) to minimize licensing costs?
(Choose the best answer.)

Question 5

A company has one corporate datacenter (C1) and one regional datacenter (R1). There is a vCenter Server in each location. An administrator wants a central library available to C1 and R1 for all templates and ISO images.
Which two steps must the administrator take to configure the content library feature to meet this requirement?
(Choose two.)

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