Question 1

An ArcGIS user is creating a script tool to automate a common workflow.
Which tool property ensures that the tool only recognizes intended feature data sources?
  • Question 2

    An ArcGlS user is given a populated geodatabase thai contains a few highly accurate feature classes and a few feature classes that are less accurate.
    When designing a geodatabase topology, which coordinate rank should be assigned to feature classes of less accuracy when compared with feature classes of higher accuracy?
  • Question 3

    An ArcGlS user maintains a street signpost database with measure in terms of two route feature classes:
    distance from the nearest school and distance along the street.
    If the two feature classes are created from the same source line feature class, which geoprocessing tool will support calculating one event from the other?
  • Question 4

    An ArcGIS user is creating a processing environment that will be used repeatedly. To confirm results, the user wants to visualize the output of Intermediate processes during testing. The user is working with large data sets and wants to preserve already-complete steps and focus on one problem at a time.
    Which geoprocessing approach should the user consider?
  • Question 5

    A water utility company had received calls fromseveral customers complaining oflow water pressure.
    Using a geometric network representing the water network, how can an ArcGIS user determine the most likely location of the problem?