Question 1

You have been asked to secure your organization's salesforce application that is running on Microsoft Azure, and find an effective method for inspecting shadow IT activities in the organization. After an initial investigation, you find that many users access the salesforce application remotely as well as on-premises.
Your goal is to find a way to get more visibility, control over shadow IT-related activities, and identify any data leaks in the salesforce application.
Which three steps should you take to achieve your goal? (Choose three.)
  • Question 2

    Which two Amazon Web Services (AWS) topologies support east-west traffic inspection within the AWS cloud by the FortiGate VM? (Choose two.)
  • Question 3

    An organization deploys a FortiGate-VM (VM04 / c4.xlarge) in Amazon Web Services (AWS) and configures two elastic network interfaces (ENIs). Now, the same organization wants to add additional ENIs to support different workloads in their environment.
    Which action can you take to accomplish this?
  • Question 4

    Refer to the exhibit.

    In your Amazon Web Services (AWS) virtual private cloud (VPC), you must allow outbound access to the internet and upgrade software on an EC2 instance, without using a NAT instance. This specific EC2 instance is running in a private subnet:
    Also, you must ensure that the EC2 instance source IP address is not exposed to the public internet. There are two subnets in this VPC in the same availability zone, named public ( and private (
    How do you achieve this outcome with minimum configuration?
  • Question 5

    Which statement about FortiSandbox in Amazon Web Services (AWS) is true?