Question 1

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You are trying to configure Link-Aggregation Group (LAG), but ports A and B do not appear on the list of member options. Referring to the exhibit, which statement is correct in this situation?
  • Question 2

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    Referring to the exhibit, a FortiADC is load balancing IPv4 traffic between two next-hop routers. The FortiADC does not know the IP addresses of the servers. Also, the FortiADC is doing Layer 7 content inspection and modification.
    In this scenario, which application delivery control is configured in the FortiADC?
  • Question 3

    A customer wants to enable SYN Rood mitigation in a FortiDDoS device. The FortiDDoS must reply with one SYN/ACK packet per SYN packet ftom a new source IP address. Which SYN packet from a new source IP address.
    Which SYN flood mitigation mode must the customer use?
  • Question 4

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    A FortiGate device is configured to authenticate SSL VPN users using digital certificates. Part of the FortiGate configuration is shown in the exhibit.
    Which two statements are true in this scenario? (Choose two.)
  • Question 5

    Anti-Virus Real-Time Protection is enabled without any exclusions.
    Referring to the exhibit, which two behaviors will the FortiClient endpoint have after receiving the profile update from the FortiClient EMS? (Choose two.)