Question 1

Identify three rule types that are used in defining Authentication Service data instances. (Choose Three)
  • Question 2

    XYZ Inc.'s COE wants case life cycle developers to use a field group named "Claim" regardless of the application being developed.
    Select and move the three tasks that the COE performs for this requirement to the Task List column and place them in the correct order. (Choose Three)

    Question 3

    Users in a cloud-based production application report a chronic performance issue that occurs every day between 2:00 P.M. and 4:00 P.M. AH attempts to reproduce the problem in the Development, QA, and Staging environments have failed.
    Which two techniques help you troubleshoot the problem? (Choose Two)
  • Question 4 Corporation is designing an Order Fulfillment application built on an Inventory application. Both applications reuse a section that displays Part details.
    Where do you configure the PartOetails section?
  • Question 5

    An end user of the application experienced a browser crash while working on a highly available system. Crash recovery is enabled. Does the user to be reauthenticated?