Question 1

Which three actions should be taken before deploying a firewall evaluation unit in the customer's environment? (Choose three.)
  • Question 2

    Which profile or policy should be applied to protect against port scans from the internet?
  • Question 3

    An administrator needs a PDF summary report that contains information compiled from existing reports based on data for the top 5 in each category.
    How often will the Administrator receive the report?
  • Question 4

    An endpoint, inside an organization, is infected with known malware. The malware attempts to make a command and control connection to a C&C server via the destination IP address.
    Which mechanism prevent this connection from succeeding?
  • Question 5

    What aspect of PAN-OS allows for the NGFW admin to create a policy that provides auto- remediation for anomalous user behavior and malicious activity while maintaining user visibility?