Online Access Free SPLK-3003 Practice Test

Exam Code:SPLK-3003
Exam Name:Splunk Core Certified Consultant
Certification Provider:Splunk
Free Question Number:86
Posted:Feb 17, 2024

Question 1

In which directory should base config app(s) be placed to initialize an indexer?

Question 2

A customer has a search cluster (SHC) of six members split evenly between two data centers (DC). The customer is concerned with network connectivity between the two DCs due to frequent outages. Which of the following is true as it relates to SHC resiliency when a network outage occurs between the two DCs?

Question 3

The universal forwarder (UF) should be used whenever possible, as it is smaller and more efficient. In which of the following scenarios would a heavy forwarder (HF) be a more appropriate choice?

Question 4

How could a role in which all users must specify an index=clause in all searches be configured?

Question 5

Which of the following server.conf stanzas indicates the Indexer Discovery feature has not been fully configured (restart pending) on the Master Node?

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